Our company

VIALCO SKOURTOPOULOS S.A. was founded in 1928 by Antonios Skourtopoulos, in the Oreoi village of N. Evoia in Greece, producing exclusively salted fish, under the Ambrosia brand name. Nine years later, in 1937, the company expanded its activity by producing canned tuna, in its second factory, which was set up for this exact goal.

Relocation and innovation

In 1946 VIALCO SKOURTOPOULOS S.A. moved to the central Greek city of Volos. Fourteen years later, in 1960, Nanos Skourtopoulos, the founder’s son, took over the company’s administration. Committed to innovation, in 1971 VIALCO became the 1st company producing canned sardines in Greece, while almost the whole of its production was being exported to Europe.

1995 has been a landmark year for our company, as it was then that VIALCO completed its relocation to its new, modern and self-owned facilities in the Second Industrial Area of Volos. in 1998 VIALCO changed its corporate type to S.A. and three years later it was included in a Community Support Framework project aiming at its further improvement and modernization.

New products and massive exports

Since 2002, the company’s administration passed to the hands of the family’s third generation, that undertook the initiative of a further investment project, in 2004 and 2005, aiming at adjusting VIALCO to the principles of HACCP.  In 2008, after intensifying its exports, by entering new markets, the company widened its range of products with new labels of Smoked fish and Ouzo delicacies under the renowned  brand name Ambrosia.

VIALCO SKOURTOPOULOS S.A. continues its course with emphasis set both on ensuring the excellent quality of its products as well as on expanding its export activities in markets all over the world.